nel Web Site
dedicato alla
motoregolarità e
all'enduro d'epoca
to the Web Site
dedicated to the
vintage off-road
and enduro
auf der Webseite
für klassische
und Enduro-
This Web Site is dedicated to the motorbikes, the drivers,
the world and the history of the Off-road from the origins
to our days and arises from the desire to reconstruct the history and
to keep the memory of all the protagonists
more admired and famous, but also more unknown,
of the epic years of the reliability Off-road.
A story on the queens of the Six-Days, or better,
of the International Six-Days Trial, animated by a dispassionate love
for the racing cross-country motorbikes.
A space in which maintaining alive
also the memory of the protagonists
because, after all, every vintage motorbike
without a driver on its seat,
is "only" a museum piece.
We have no ambition of being the first
and not even the only ones:
we know our limits well.
More simply we offer this space like a container in progress
in which everybody can not only find, but also insert and
collect news, information, images of the incomparable motorbikes
and the memory of the competitions that have inflamed
the world of the Reliability (in Italian is called Regolarità),
before, and of the Enduro then.
A memory that we do not have to waste,
but that must be kept and enriched continuously
in order to let everybody understand,
also in the more hidden details, an important
period of our sport and human history.
A sort of living archives that is not only ours,
of the two of us, but also of all of you
that will be our guests and are welcome
both as visitors and as fans but even as compilers.
Here you have at your disposal the space that, perhaps,
you have always wanted: a meeting point t
o show all around your exhibits, memories,
thoughts, images and all you can wish.
A place where you can live past, present and future events,
that it could seem banal to define "meeting point",
but the term corresponds to the spirit
which made be born.
A Web Site, therefore, only co-ordinated by
Marcello and Roberto,
but fed by all of us
together with our/your memories,
jewels and "secret" archives
of which you could not be jealous any more,
but proud of being able to share them
with the others, all over the world.
Real exhibits that, after all, cannot be neither touched,
neither ruined, but only admired, appreciated and set off.
Everything, in short, remains under your full control.
Thank you for being here with us

Roberto Biza & Marcello Grigorov